We shot this video for the uber talented Brendan Maclean.  An Australian import who's already received some buzz back in his homeland.  He's had me listen to a number of his songs that you can expect to come out this year.  Amazing stuff.  You may want to follow this guy on Youtube as he's making some really worthwhile music.  Our intention is to be making a few more video clips with him this year.

Directed by: Christian Campbell & Dale Arroyo

Produced by: EsoteriCam Productions - America Olivo Campbell, Christian Campbell, Maxx Reed, Russell Uddin, Dale Arroyo.
Director Of Photography: Jesse Rosenberg
Editor: Dale Arroyo
Color Services by: Alan Gordon - Post Pro Gumbo
Cast: Sara Cicilian, Russell Uddin, Kristen Oei, Jonathan Ritter, Thunder Cat

Thank you:
Jacob Langfelder for the lovely venue.

Tim Smith, Canon USA

Love the song? Download it here.