The Players

I’ve been a member of The Players since 2012 and now serve on it’s board of directors as we work to bring the club into the 21st century.  

The Players is a private social club in New York City founded in 1888 when Edwin Booth, the greatest American actor of his time, purchased a Gothic Revival-style mansion facing Gramercy Park and commissioned architect Stanford White to transform it into a certain club "for the promotion of social intercourse between the representative members of the dramatic profession and the kindred professions of literature, painting, sculpture and music, and the patrons of the arts.”


BabyQuest Foundation

My wife and I have had a pretty rough go of starting a family.  A daughter passing and many a pregnancy lost.  We wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemies.

It’s been a learning experience and we joke that we'd both have PHD’s in infertility if experience was credited.  One of the hard lessons was how crushingly expensive infertility treatments can be.  We were lucky enough to have some savings to dip into, but many others find their bank accounts emptied and their credit cards maxed out by the time they finally have a baby.  I don’t think it’s right that starting a family means going into the stress of financial debt. 

My wife and I are spokespeople for  Straight, gay or single, we raise money so people can start their families.  We want people to be relaxed and happy when they finally have their child, not stressed with debilitating debt.

Hopefully in the future, as a nation, we will have the compassion to support those who struggle to carve out their familial piece of happiness. In the meantime there will be BabyQuestFoundation.