I hadn't been on stage for 5 years so had the insane idea of jumping back in with a little known Edwardian comedy.  Had a brilliant time with this delicious play written in 1912.  Director JonathanBank did a bang up job guiding our talented cast.  Brenda Meaney, Ned Noyes, Michael Frederic, Clemmie Evans, Doug Rees, and Kelly McCready were a wonder to share the stage with.

he Mint has been around for more than 20 years under the artistic direction of Jonathan Bank and is all about finding old gems of the theatre that have been long forgotten.  "Lost but found here" is their mission and they've been doing a great job of it.

Ned Noyes, Brenda Meaney, Doug Rees, Michael Frederics, Kelly McCready, Clemmie Evans, Christian Campbell