I've been involved with this show for 17 years.  Originated the role of Jimmy Harper in the LA production back in 1998.  We ran for a year (unheard of in that city), scooped up a bunch of awards and then transferred to Off Broadway.  Unfortunately we opened 3 days after 9/11, not a good time to premier a comedy about questioning what we are told to believe.  We closed down soon after that.

4 years later we made a movie adaptation of Reefer Madness for the Showtime network with the incredible cast of Alan Cumming, Kristen Bell, Ana Gasteyer, Steven Weber, Amy Spanger, Bob Torti, and John Kassir.  Even my sister Neve Campbell made an appearance in the film.  It's become a bit of a cult phenom.

Next step?  Perhaps a second chance at NY?  Stay tuned.

It's available for purchase on DVD but you can stream it here in HD on YouTube. And you'll learn how to read Greek as an added bonus!