I've been helping tell stories for over 25 years working as an actor, producer and director for film, stage, and television - collaborating on projects throughout Europe, Canada, the US and Asia.

My bread and butter has been acting and I've been lucky enough to have been a part of a number of projects that I'm truly proud of.

From a theatrical family I was on stage before 10.   At 19 I purchased my first plane ticket out of the Canada to follow a girl to Europe.  I lived there for a couple of years working as a laborer; slung beer in an Irish pub in Nuremberg, built stages for rock concerts, worked in construction, and managed to land a few acting roles performing throughout Western and Eastern Europe.  Changed my life.

The girl didn't work out so I took a trip out to Los Angeles, tripped on a diamond and was cast in a series.  It was there that I started a theatre company and took my first steps into directing and producing - I've been "Stateside" ever since.  

A number of projects took me to New York and in 2000 I made my move there - 16 years later I'm still enamored and lovestruck with the place.

The traveling never stopped so I started taking photos as a way to make myself more present to my surroundings.  It's been working and I've 20 years of manifest memories to prove it.

I finally found the girl - a woman.  Interestingly her name is America - She is my wife, my focal point and fellow traveler.  We've started a production company called EsoteriCam Productions - we enjoy making things together.

Current projects:


Taxila Mounds in the Punjab Province of Pakistan